Peeling with azelaic acid 2x5 ml

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AzAc Peel Set set for skin care with azelaic acid. It is an ingredient that has found its application in cosmetics, mainly due to the ability to combat acne and alleviate acne. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It prevents the decomposition of lipids and sebum to components that irritate the skin and enhance the changes associated with acne blackhead and papulous-pustular acne. In addition, it prevents the formation of discoloration and blocks the activity of hyperactive melanocytes.

Azelaic acid therapy is an alternative for those who badly tolerate peels with retinol. In addition to its soothing and antibacterial properties, it perfectly eliminates the problems associated with aging of the skin and supports the fight against pigmentation disorders.

The kit consists of two azelaic acids sealed in 5 ml bottles:

AzAc Peel 1: azelaic acid 16%, mandelic acid 10%, salicylic acid 2%
AzAc Peel 2: azelaic acid 16%

AzAc Peel – advantages

-1 set = 2 treatments
- possible individual purchase (for a given client)
-convenient 2 x 5 ml vials
-treatment documentation attached (medical information questionnaire, informed consent form)

-acne prone and / or oily skin
-skin prone to rosacea
-skin prone to vascular problems
-enlarged pores

-pregnancy and breastfeeding
-active skin inflammation
-skin conditions of bacterial, viral, allergic, fungal, and neoplastic aetiology
-broken epidermis
-recent surgical intervention within the area to be treated
-active herpes
-ongoing isotretinoin therapy
-deficient immune response
-allergy to any of the peel’s ingredients

Active substances:

-limits sebum production
-downregulates cornification process
-unclogs the pores
-has anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties
-has anti-oxidant effect, inhibits ROS (reactive oxygen species) production

-has sebum-regulating properties
-has anti-inflammatory properties
-brightens discoloured skin
-eliminates acne lesions
-smoothes and improves skin suppleness

-has exfoliating properties
-controls bacterial flora of the skin
-downregulates sebum production
-increases the skin’s elasticity and suppleness
-brightens skin discolouration

-has anti-inflammatory properties
-has antifungal and antibacterial properties
-downregulates sebum secretion

-has anti-inflammatory properties, counteracts acne
-boosts healing and regeneration processes
-reduces skin redness and irritation
-prevents skin discolouration from forming

Suitable for

Skin Type: Acne, Combined - mostly oily

Problem: Acne, Rosacea

Active ingredients

Kwas azelainowy 16%, kwas migdałowy 10%, kwas salicylowy 2%

Expert advice

Rekomendowany dla skór skłonnych do trądziku pospolitego i różowatego.

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