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Body Trio Set

Set of:
Body Lipolisis Balm 150ml
Body Lipolisis Activator 150ml
Breast Push Up Cream150ml

Lipolysis-like body balm 150 ml

Active substances: VECTICELL Lipolysis,
hyaluronic acid, panthenol

•liquid crystal formula that is biocompatible with the skin
•light and easily absorbable
•maximum concentration of VECTICELL Lipolysis
•active penetration of liposomes
•gradual release and long-term activity
•efficient consistency

Professional application:
•application after completion of body treatments

Individual application:
•home care with Body Lipolysis Activator
•1-2 times a day
•for minimum 6 weeks
•application after fitness and sauna is
recommended for strengthening

Lipolysis-like body activator 150 ml

Active substances: VECTICELL Capsaicin,
hyaluronic acid, panthenol

•spray lipolysis-like activator has
a warming effect - increases thermogenesis
•intense warming effect (does not cause redness)
•contains capsaicin and caffeine

Professional application:
•during “lipolysis- like” therapy

Individual application:
•before using Body Lipolysis Balm
•night and before-physical-activity
application is recommended

Breast remodelling cream with push up effect 150ml

Bioactive remodeling and firming cream for the breasts, neck, and decolette. The natural
lipofiller content ensures the push-up effect, lifting and enlarging the breasts.
Lifts and rejuvenates the skin on the neck and decolette.
Recommended for daily care.

A therapy intensively firming and shaping the body. Particularly recommended during
slimming treatments, in the postpartum period and in the period after breastfeeding.
Efficiently smooths your skin and reduces stretch marks, loss of firmness, cellulite and
local fat tissue deposition.

Main active ingredients: Voluform™, Syn®-Coll

-loss of skin firmness
-stretch marks and cellulite
-the postpartum period and the period after breastfeeding
-local fat tissue deposition
-following procedures shaping and firming the body
-dry skin requiring nourishment
-cracked feet or chapped hands

Active ingredient effects:

-raises and fills breasts
-smooths neck and decolette wrinkles and creases

-stimulates collagen production, supporting skin firming and tautness
-reduces skin flaccidity

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