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Cannabis Serum Set

Set of 3 Serums + 1 for Free

Cannabis serum with CBD (Cebidiol ™ 2%) for professional treatment.

- microencapsulated formula
- gradual release of CBD
- intense activity
- safe dose of CBD
- THC and gluten-free, non-GMO
- use within 7 days
- professional treatments intended for hyper-reactive, dysfunctional skins and those suffering from dermatological diseases, micro-needle or no-needle mesotherapy, sonophoresis, treatment area: face, body

-hyper-reactive, sensitive and stressed skin
-dysfunctional skin with disturbed lipid barrier and dryness symptoms
-dermatological therapy care support (atopy, eczema, psoriasis, diabetes’ skin)

Active substances:


-patented microencapsulated CBD (cannabidiol)
-closed in special multilayered spheres
-CBD is gradually released
-legal and safe, without composition of THC (cannabinoid with addictive effects)
-made from non-GMO Cannabis

-soothes irritations


-100% natural high quality
-dry oil – easily absorbs, leaves no greasy film
-consists of high concentrations of EFA: oleic (CLA), linoleic (LA) alfa-linoleic (ALA) acids
-consists of antioxidants, E vitamin and carotene

-anti-inflammatory effect
-restores skin lipids
-reduces TEWL
-soothes irritations


-natural emollient
-rich in EFA: oleic, linoleic, alfa-linoleic (ALA) acids
-consists of natural A, D, E vitamins
-restores lipid coat
-moisturizes and nourishes
-anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects

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