Stamp for microneedling 1,5 mm

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Frax Stamp stamp for professional micro-needle therapy allows to increase the penetration of active substances contained in the Arkana MD, PRO serums:
Should be applied every 14-28 days depending on needling intensity and skin reactions
NOTE: We recommend using the stamp for 3 treatments.

- skin requiring immediate regeneration
- complexion with signs of aging (varying severity)
- loss of skin density
- therapies supporting the effects of dermoesthetic treatments
- anti-aging prophylaxis

40 microneedles
- needles plated with 24-carat gold
- easy to use
- universal usage: face, head skin and body

1,5mm needles
- for professional fractional stamping treatments
- induces regeneration processes
- increases penetration of active substances

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Do profesjonalnych zabiegów stemplowania frakcyjnego

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