Body Lipolysis-like Therapy

An absolutely innovative lipolysis-like therapy. A non-invasive alternative to lipolysis. It uses
a ground-breaking technology to fight excess body fat and cellulite. The main active substances are VECTICELL
® Lipolysis and VECTICELL® Capsaicin. VECTICELL® Lipolysis is a flexible carrier with 3 encapsulated
synergistically active substances: L-carnitine, caffeine and sodium deoxycholate, previously used only
in the injection lipolysis. The other active substance is VECTICELL® Capsaicin, which combines thermoactive
capsaicin in combination with caffeine, accelerating the effect of fat burning. Thanks to flexible carriers, active
substances quickly and effectively reach the dermis and body fat, where they gradually release, acting for
several hours.

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