H + Active Mask & Booster

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Professional set of mask and booster for the treatment with the effect of hydrogen purification.
As a result of a chemical reaction between the active ingredients of the mask and the booster
in the skin there is the Bohr effect, as a result of which the amount of H + hydrogen ions
increases, which bind free radicals. The treatment gives a similar effect to hydrogen peeling,
thanks to which the skin surface is dead the epidermis is removed and the openings of the
sebaceous glands are unblocked. The skin after the treatment is clearly cleansed, oxygenated
and brightened. Hybrid combination of masks in one treatment and cavitation peeling, as well
as sonophoresis / electroporation, offers a new therapy extension spectrum of possibilities.
Properly selected serum and mask adapted to the needs of the skin will bring a spectacular
final result visible immediately after the treatment.

H+ Active Mask & Booster
Active ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, kaolin,
bentonite, glycolic and citric acid, shea butter,
green tea and acerola extract
»» triple effect of hydrogen peel: cleansing,
oxygenating, brightening
»» recommended use in one treatment with
cavitation peeling, sono and iontophoresis
or electroporation
»» compatible with ARKANA serums and
»» spectacular treatment effects

»» an alternative to hydrogen purification
treatment performed with a device
»» all-year treatment
»» a wide range of combined treatments
»» universal for all skin types
Suitable for
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