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MD Mask Set

Set of:
2x Transform HA Mask
2x PRP Mask
2x i-Tech Detox Mask
2x Neck Guard Mask
6x 3D Lip Mask for Free

Transform HA Mask
Transform HA® Therapy in its new version provides even greater strength and efficiency of dermofiller penetration. The combination of two unique ingredients allows for faster and longer-lasting effects of the therapy. Vecticell™ HA is a new generation innovative 3kda hyaluronic acid encapsulated in flexible, deformable carriers. Their extremely small size and deformable membrane make the hyaluronic acid penetrate the epidermal barrier, reaching the dermis. There, it binds water for a long time and gives the effect of deep moisturizing, increasing skin density and filling wrinkles.
The second active ingredient: Hydroxyapatite, guarantees a “soft-focus effect”, optically giving the impression of shallowing wrinkles. This substance is also a natural filter that protects against solar radiation. In addition, in contact with the skin, under the influence of its slightly acidic pH, it releases calcium ions that affect the regenerative and repair processes and the formation of new cells in the skin.

Active substances:
hyaluronic acid, Japanese Camellia extract, vitamin C, niacinamide (vitamin B3), green Cardiospermum extract, ellagic acid

exclusive lipomask in a 3-layer sheet
100% natural pure wood fibres with cotton, soaked in essence containing spherical carriers with hyaluronic acid, Camelia Japanese extract and vitamins C and B3
rapid penetration after 5 minutes, the effect lasts up to 8 hours
moisturization increase by 40%
“filler–like effect”

at the end of “filler-like” treatment with Transform HA Therapy
after needle and micro-needle mesotherapy
for application at home once a week

PRP Mask
Remodeling sheet mask with plasma – lift effect. The special formula and a combination of ingredients such as: GHK-Cu peptide, hyaluronic acid and diamond dust perfectly “imitating” human skin and thus helping the mask adhere perfectly to the skin and its ingredients penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Recommended application once a week after PRP Elixir application.

The latest technologically advanced PRP therapy with plasma-lift effect is a non-invasive
response to aesthetic treatments with platelet-rich plasma. Inspired by regenerative
medicine the treatment includes 2 signal peptides, W3 Peptide and GHK-Cu, which
remodel the skin and restore its youthfulness. The therapy perfectly enhances the
effects of professional dermal aesthetic treatments and is especially recommended
as a shock treatment aimed at a comprehensive and total rejuvenation of mature skin
with wrinkles and photoaging. It is also recommended after invasive procedures that
require accelerated regeneration. The therapy gives spectacular anti-aging effects in
combination with other MD estetic therapies.

Main active ingredients: W3 Peptide, GHK-Cu

-skin requiring immediate regeneration
-skin with symptoms of aging (varying degrees of intensity)
-loss of skin cell density
-therapy maintaining the effects of dermal aesthetic treatments
-prevention of aging effects

Active ingredients:

W3 Peptide - inspired by a discovery awarded with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012
-a non-invasive alternative to PRP (platelet-rich plasma treatment)
-remodels and regenerates the skin
-stimulates rejuvenation

GHK-Cu - used in regenerative medicine
-stimulates rejuvenation
-repairs and rebuilds the skin
-reverses the aging process
-reactivates skin stem cells

Chia Oil
-bio-oil rich in omega 3 and 6 and vitamin E
-antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
-lubricates, moisturizes and improves skin elasticity

Inca Inchi Oil
-gives the skin a velvety finish
-improves skin elasticity with anti-wrinkle effect

i-TECH Detox Mask
The three-layer mask includes an original combination of micro-particles of hematite and
platinum, that eliminate the impact of polluted atmosphere and the effects of harmful HEV/VIS
and UV radiation. Plant extracts with strong antioxidant potential, reduce the signs of photoageing
and activity of free radicals as well as protect cells’ DNA against deformation.

Neck Guard Mask
The innovative rejuvenating and caring therapy for the skin of the neck, whose effects are visible after only 3 weeks.
The therapy concentrates on both the shallowing of visible furrows and deep wrinkles associated with the aging process, as well as preventing changes in the formation of the “technical neck”. It is the therapy that eliminates the visibility of “Venus bands” wrinkles and “turkey neck” caused by improper position while working at the computer, during sleep, while using a smartphone or reading. These symptoms are also intensified by anatomy: specific system of platysma muscle and its mimic character make the skin prone to laxity and structural disorder. It becomes thin and folded (“crepey skin”). The professional therapy consists of a 3-stage therapy program, an element of which is the original massage relaxing muscle tension, followed by strong stimulation, smoothing of wrinkles and improvement of skin structure.

Active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, Rakkyo extract - Chinese garlic, aloe vera, pomegranate extract
unique form of lipomask
advanced micro-lotion technology
spherical carriers with active substances
Rakkyo extract - Chinese garlic, strengthens DNA of skin cells and has a strong antioxidant effect
anatomical shape adapted to the shape of the neck
rejuvenating and preventive neck treatments
compatible with other treatments
recommended application at home once a week

3D Lip Mask
• made of elastic bionanocellulose
• contains hyaluronic acid and ceramide concentrate (1, 3, 6II)
• soothes irritation, inflammation
• lowers skin temperature
• once a week for lip care
• after lip filling and permanent make-up procedures
• banquet treatment

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