Transform HA Elixir 15 ml

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This highly concentrated elixir contains transformable hyaluronic acid enclosed in
special carriers transporting the acid to the deep layers of the skin. There it binds
water to produce a wrinkle filling effect, improving skin density by increasing its firmness
to give a younger look.
Recommended usage 1-2 times a day in combination with Transform HA Filler, also
for the eyes area.

Novelty rejuvenating therapy based on a unique, in terms of effectiveness and construction,
transformable hyaluronic acid. Thanks to small particles and deformable
shell allow hyaluronic acid to penetrate to deep layers of the skin. Effects are visible
after first application: filling in lines, deep and long hydration – more effective than
with free hyaluronic acid.

Main active ingredients: transformable hyaluronic acid

-every type of mature skin
-wrinkles/flabby skin
-tired/dry skin
-as a follow-up to aesthetic treatments with fillers
-as an alternative to treatments with fillers

Active ingredients:
Transformable Hyaluronic Acid
-ensures thorough, long-term hydration
-inhibits TEWL
-helps rebuild skin density

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